FOMO is the fear of missing out. Let's look a few ways that we can overcome FOMO and even take advantage of it.
Publicado: Ene 14, 2022

FOMO is the fear of missing out. Referring to missing out on opportunities like making more money, experiencing more, going to new places and having more success. 

We live in a very competitive world that is heavily influenced by social media, making it very easy for almost everyone to feel FOMO. 

This is due to the fact that we only show on social media a highlight reel of our lives that does not tell the full story. We’re always looking to show what feeds our ego and we leave out the ugly side of our realities.

In trading FOMO is used to describe the feeling -or driving force- behind extremely high-risk investments made with the sole purpose of making a quick buck.

This fear can also be manifested through anxiety, and a lot of the times it can be confused with jealousy. An example of this is when we feel anxiety because we don’t like our current lives, so we start to think about what our life would look like if we had a bigger home, a newer car or a more loving spouse.

As you can imagine, it is also very common for entrepreneurs to feel FOMO due to our natural competitive and ambitious instincts.

We must understand, however, that whether the grass is greener on the other side or not, the only thing that we can change immediately is the following: how we feel and what we do today to improve tomorrow 

So let’s look at a few ways that we can overcome FOMO and even take advantage of it:



If you ever catch yourself feeling FOMO -which you will- just remember that you are walking on the waste-lands of negative thinking. This feeling is so toxic that it causes you to lose focus on your goals; and stop doing the things you could be doing right now to improve your situation.

Let’s say that you’re feeling envious towards a friend that is physically more fit than you are. Instead of focusing on actually exercising you are wasting energy and time on something that simply will not change your current condition.

On the flip side, if you switch your thinking to something positive like feeling grateful for your youth and current health, or proud of what you have accomplished or excited for the future, you are entering a positive state that will allow for creativity, solutions, pleasure and massive action to come in play, which do allow progress to take place.



When you allow FOMO to take over, you’re leaving a lot of wins on the table. It is funny, because the same fear of missing out on opportunities will cause you to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy that very moment. Oh, the irony!.

We all have at one point in our lives felt awkward when we see a post from someone on a nice vacation, and we start to wish we were in a similar place.

What we are basically doing is pushing aside the benefit of enjoying the place where we’re right now, which may not be a vacation spot, but in its own way can be a very attractive location. But only if we realize this and we start to enjoy the moment.



Negative emotions tend to be more intense than positive ones, so this one is not the exception. The good news is that the energy produced by this feeling can be used for your own benefit!.

For example, we can use somebody else’s successes as motivation to reach our very own, knowing that if they can do it, so can we. In other words, we can use this feeling as fuel to achieve more and come up with better strategies.



If our vision has not been fully created in our minds, it is understandable why we get distracted when we see other people’s successes and wish for similar ones.

We must understand that each person has their own vision which is unique to them, because it fits their talents and individual desires.

It is our job to develop our own path and focus on a very detailed vision of our future. Once done, we need to forge a strong and sound conviction that we will get there.

Only then, we will be so focused -and busy- on what we want, that we will have no time to look around or simply we just won’t care.

You don’t know how to develop your very own vision? Well, I’ve already written an article about it, feel free to check: “How to Find Your Life’s Purpose”.


Just remember, if you are alive right now, today was a good day. And you can make it even better if you just put to use what you’ve just learned about FOMO.

-Nik Mezarine (@newnik.9)


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